Our projects

FORMAS:A treatability sensor for water quality monitoring and treatment

FORMAS initiated big investment in innovation for sustainable water resources in the spring of 2023: Blå innovation - Genomförandeprojekt.

Together with top-notch researchers in the field of new water quality sensor research and development, such as Professor Kathleen Murphy, Chalmers University of Technology and her team, AmoreAqua continues to promote the credibility and advancement in digital tools for securing drinking water supply. 

In this project named: A treatability sensor for water quality monitoring and treatment, we will lift the application of the anticipated sensor development into practical tools for water managers to use. 

Project details will be updated soon.

Horizon Europe Project

Horizon Europe project entitled FARMWISE “Future Agricultural Resource Management and Water Innovations for a Sustainable Europe” funded by the European Commission under the call: HORIZON-CL6-2023-ZEROPOLLUTION-01-1. 

FARMWISE will develop improved tools based on AI for more efficient European water policy and decision-making founded on research-based technologies to solve the most burning water pollution and climate change problems.

AmoreAqua's DiCyano platform will be tested and verified and designed for agricultural water management. Look forward to collaborate with 19 other partners from all across Europe. 

Project details will be updated soon.


DiCyano is a research and Innovation project under the joint call of Vinnova and Formas: AI in the service of climate. DiCyano aims to create a digital platform to support the water industry's need for early identification of climate-related increases in the prevalence of harmful cyanobacteria. The project period is from Nov. 2020 to Dec. 2022. 

DiCyano is the first project and the foundation for AmoreAqua to establish thanks to supportive research and innovation environment in Sweden. We are grateful for all that make it happen and stay tuned for our future development to contribute to clean and safe water. 

Project website: http://dicyano.com/